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Jean-François Dor

gets people together and makes it happen.

Jean-François has 30 years experience in the hospitality, events and Charity sector in the field of general management, public relations and marketing.

He has organised as varied events for Royalty, Ministers, Business Tycoons, Corporate, Conferences as a Reception for 700 people at St James's Palace to a dinner for two at a private mansion house in London, passing by a House Party in a private castle in Scotland  and a trip on the Geneva Lake with the Alenghi Team and works with many other professionals in many countries for business, public or social events. 

  • Works with your ideas and aspirations, offers a complete, professionally managed service or just the finishing touch.
  • has a passion for life, people and perfection. Jean-François has developed expertise across all areas of the hospitality industry. He shares this passion and knowledge with you.
  • with no contractual ties to any suppliers, is able to give truly impartial advice; much of his business is through word of mouth and repeat business from existing customers.
  • offers a personal service and will discuss with you locations, venues, entertainment, food, wines, décors, themes to the smallest details.
  • will find the venue, make sure that all details correspond to your needs, discuss menus, entertainment, sundries and prices on your behalf, freeing your valuable time.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly in every endeavours.

The right place, the right time, the right people: your event



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